Artur Kuś

Avionaut – new look 22

Avionaut – new look 22 Step into a world of mesmerizing colors with the highly anticipated premiere of a remarkable new color line campaign in this video. As the driving force behind the project, I meticulously crafted the concept, screenplay, and brought it to life through seamless production and editing, resulting in a visually stunning […]

Avionaut – Vision

Avionaut – Vision My involvement in the Avionaut Vision campaign, was very wide, from concept creation to screenplay development, I produced and co-directed the video shoot. In the post production phase I edited the videos. Main goal was to highlight Avionaut’s commitment to child safety during travel, this campaign vividly communicates their vision through visuals […]

KOLORY – video clips

KOLORY Presenting a series of videoclips for the emerging Polish indie band KOLORY, where I took on the roles of producer, director, and video editor. KOLORY is an amazing band, that marked their presence in many big festivals such as: Opener Festival, Przystanek Woodstock and many more. Notably, three of these videoclips were published under […]


Bennyaudio Exceptional handmade premium turntables that seamlessly blend craftsmanship and superior audio quality. With my logo I wanted to invite music enthusiasts to indulge in the perfect harmony of aesthetics and sonic excellence. My role in the project logotype branding elements Logotype


Boldare – employee campaign Infuse humor into the digital realm with two little funny ads for Boladre, that I produced and edited, captivating viewers while showcasing Boladre’s expertise in delivering innovative software solutions.​ My role in the project production video editing Credits Production: OH! HELLO MEDIADOP: Łukasz Nowak Boldare campaign – instructional videos and podcasts Production and editing of over 150 videos and podcasts for, a leading online shop specializing in outdoor equipment. From showcasing the latest gear to providing informative reviews, these videos offer a visual exploration of the products, while also demonstrating my skills in editing to deliver engaging and content. […]

Snowfest Festival

Snowfest Festival In 2020 I started working on most of the visual stuff for Snowfest Festival. Combining the energy of electronic music and the thrill of winter sports, these visual creations capture the essence of the festival, inviting viewers to relive the unforgettable moments and get ready for the ultimate fusion of music and winter […]

Stutterheim sale 22

Stutterheim sale 22 Elevate your style with the sale campaign I created, designed, and animated for Stutterheim, a  company which produces premium Swedish raincoats. The goal was to create eye catching graphics, that were different than the usual Stutterheim style. My role in the project creative graphic design animation Campaign

Logo collection

Logo collection Nothing much to say. Just some logotypes that I made throughout the years. Enjoy! My role in the project logotype Logotypes


OH! HELLO MEDIA Since i had to move my studio from one town to the another, previous brand lost it’s meaning. With all of the changes to the company, shifting the focus from just being photography/videography studio for rent, to a creative visual agency, rebranding seemed like something natural. The idea was, no to be […]